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We can’t let the government sneak through this Bill without consulting their voters. Email your Senators now and urge them to block the Efic Bill and stop Efic from funding fossil fuel projects in the future. 

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    • The proposed Efic Amendment Bill would greatly increase Efic's powers, and grant the export credit agency access to an extra $1 billion of 'callable capital'
    • This is concerning because Efic has a record of funding projects with negative impacts on human rights, they don't have a climate change policy, and their decision-making processes lack transparency. 
    • Efic could spend this extra $1 billion on funding destructive fossil fuel projects. 
    • Australian fossil fuel projects have been linked to serious human rights abuses overseas.
    • Women are disproportionately impacted by mining, and by the impacts of climate change - caused by fossil fuel extraction.